Riyadh’s Live Escape Game



The Davinci Room

The Taken Room, will give a new challenge to returning players but is also a perfect introduction to anyone who has not played an escape game before.

A rogue policeman called Brian Miller has been obsessed for some time with finding the killer of John Doe and to his eyes the evidence points to you and your friends.

While he is investigating, Brian Miller has taken and locked one of your friends inside the room.

Do you have what it takes to save your friend and escape from the room….?!!!!


Riyadh’s Live Escape Game




Rumors started spreading about the suspected kidnapping of the Detective Sherlock Holmes. After an extensive search Dr. John Watson started wondering whether Sherlock’s worst enemy Professor James Moriarty invited him to his house and managed to kidnap and hide him.

The rumors also said that Moriarty hid all the evidences of Sherlock’s kidnap discretely in his room including Sherlock’s famous pipe with his DNA on it. You and your team have 60 minutes to prove Dr.Watson is right, get the pipe to the police to save Sherlock, and escape the room before Moriarty is back.

Don’t bother trying to get out if Moriarty finds you….. We won’t be able to help anymore!!!!


Riyadh’s Live Escape Game



Area 51

A Rumor has it that in Edinburgh there was an incident hidden away somewhere and there is evidence to prove it. No one knows what it contains but you and your friends are about to find out as you have stumbled across it.

Does your group have what it takes to determine if it is a conspiracy or the real thing???